K-12 Administrators did not sign up to be Security Directors, Safety Supervisors or Emergency Managers

We help you create exceptionally Safe and Prepared Schools without the stress, complexity and hassle 


Altaris has been very helpful in taking our safety and security planning to a new level. I have been impressed with their level of knowledge regarding safety and security. They work well with all stakeholder groups. They are accessible 24-7 and understand the realities of how schools function. Dr. Brendan Lyons

Superintendent, Arlington Central School District

Develop confident and capable staff, rock solid emergency plans and dramatically safer schools with a done-for-you K-12 Emergency Management Program by Altaris.

Let’s face it, when you signed up to be an educator the responsibility of being a safety supervisor, emergency manager or director of security was not part of the equation. But, as with all educators, the safety of the school population is your number one priority.

Virtually every district suffers from the same challenges that keep administrators up a night including:

  • feeling insecure that their buildings were truly safe
  • not knowing if they were doing enough and were truly capable of managing a serious critical incident
  • how to appropriately train and prepare your staff to respond in the event of an emergency

There is a wealth of information available on the internet or from local cooperatives and some of it is quite good. But as a K-12 administrator, you face tremendous time and workload challenges and simply don’t have the time and expertise to continually manage an effective Safety, Security & Emergency Management Program in your schools.

But how can you make this happen?

You don’t. We do.

Special Report 

The Top 5 Safety & Security Upgrades Every K-12 School Should Make

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End-to-End K-12 Safety, Security & Emergency Preparedness 

Carefully designed to create safe, secure schools and confident and capable staff.

Online Training Academy

Our online K-12 Safety, Security & Emergency Preparedness training program PLUS ongoing get-it-done support. Virtually eliminates scheduling challenges.  Enrollment opportunities quarterly.

Safer K-12 Schools Workshop

An intensive one or two-day Safety, Security & Emergency Preparedness certification program that provides administrators a step-by-step blueprint for creating safe and prepared schools.

Emergency Management Program

A turn-key safety, security and emergency preparedness program complete with on-going interactive training and live support. The ultimate done-for-you program for busy K-12 school administartors.

Because the majority of active shooter incidents is generally over prior to the arrival of emergency responders, it is important that school staff and students understand their roles and responsibilities in emergency situations. Even in cases where a police officer is on site during an emergency, school staff must understand that they may be in a position to make life or death decisions for themselves and/or others. School staff must have proper training regarding their school’s emergency plan. They must also be aware of the Incident Command System and their roles and responsibilities. Most importantly, they must be provided with a variety of options for survival.

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Safer K-12 Schools Workshop

Quite simply the best K-12 safety, security and emergency management training program your administrative team will ever experience.

Our most popular program brings our experts right to you! This intensive 1 or 2-day workshop will provide the necessary training and resources to help you:

  • Take the stress, complexity, and hassle out of K–12 safety, security, and emergency preparedness in your schools.
  • Develop the capabilities of staff at all levels to prevent and respond effectively to virtually any emergency in their schools.
  • Quickly identify and mitigate safety and security risks in school buildings.
  • Avoid common wasteful investments in technology that do little to improve overall safety and security in schools.

This program is guaranteed to dramatically increase your confidence and capability to prevent and manage emergencies in your K–12 schools and your staff’s confidence in you!

What we cover:

  • Essential Emergency Planning Steps
  • Simple Six (TM) Protocol Response
  • Parent Reunification
  • Incident Command System (ICS)
  • Optimizing Technology & Equipment
  • Media Relations
  • Interactive Tabletop Exercises
  • Dozens of Downloadable Templates
  • 90 Days Unlimited Support

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Regional Workshops Also Available

Altaris has been great to work with. They have helped up us to identify numerous improvement opportunities and continually work with our staff to strengthen their ability to prevent and manage emergencies. Dr. Jonathan Ross

Superintendent, Blind Brook-Rye Union Free School District


“We have been very happy with the work Altaris has done for us.”

Nancy Barr

Board of Education

Blind Brook-Rye Union Free School District

Emergency Management Program

A turn-key safety, security and emergency preparedness program complete with on-going interactive training and live support.

When you come to the realization, “We know there is loads of information that is available but we simply lack the time and expertise to continually manage the process“, then the Altaris Emergency Management program is the ideal solution.

The Altaris approach keeps all staff engaged and proficient based on their potential roles in an emergency. Altaris also ensures that schools are continually evaluating and refining all aspects of your safety, security and emergency management programs providing planned actionable steps. Hazards are quickly mitigated, planning loopholes are closed and any additional measures such as equipment or training are promptly identified.

What you get:

  • Private District/School Web Portal
  • District/Building Team Training Workshops
  • Monthly Faculty Training Series
  • Private K-12 Administrator Support Forum
  • Unlimited 24/7 Consultant Access
Altaris has been a great organization to work with on enhancing the safety and security of our schools. They have helped us develop a systematic approach to addressing safety concerns. Dr. Dominick Palma

Superintendent, Merrick Union Free School District

Online Training Academy

Next Enrollment Period – March 2017
Quickly develop your confidence and capabilities to effectively plan for and manage virtually any crisis in your schools.

This on demand training program covers all of the essential emergency response protocols in an easy to understand format using our Simple Six (TM) response protocol system.

Using one or a combination of the protocols, you will quickly learn to manage building emergencies with minimal stress. Building specific tabletop exercises are built into each and every program affording participants the opportunity to work as a team and put the their newly learned skills to the test in real life scenarios within their own buildings.

The result is a team that is:

  • confident and capable of managing virtually any emergency they may be faced
  • able to share their expertise with other district personnel
  • grateful for the training provided by your school

What you get:

  • 12 Step-by-Step Video Modules
  • Downloadable Forms, & Templates
  • Private K-12 Administrator Forum
  • 90 days Unlimited Support
  • Easy to follow Quick Start Guide
  • No Hassle Money Back Guarantee

Note: Enrollment in this online program is limited so we may provide our clients a high level of unlimited coaching and support.  If the program is closed, you may enter your email address to be notified when enrollment re-opens.

Service Packages

Online Training Academy

Currently Waitlisted

Our DIY on-demand training program featuring our Simple Six (TM)  protocol system and necessary planning steps. Fee is based on number of unique users.

  • 12 Step-by-Step Video Modules
  • Downloadable Forms, & Templates
  • Private K-12 Administrator Forum
  • 90 days Unlimited Support
  • Weekly Online “Office Hours”
  • No Hassle Money Back Guarantee

Safer K-12 Schools

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An intensive one or two-day workshop designed for K-12 administrative staff that provides an actionable safety, security and emergency preparedness blueprint.

  • Essential Emergency Planning
  • Simple Six (TM) Protocol System
  • Optimizing Access Control
  • Technology & Equipment
  • Building Assessments Also Available
  • No Hassle Money Back Guarantee

Emergency Management Pgm

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A turn-key safety, security and emergency preparedness program complete with planning, on-going interactive training and unlimited 24/7 consultant support.

  • Private District/School Web Portal
  • District Team Training Workshop
  • Building Team Training Workshops
  • Monthly Faculty Training Series
  • Unlimited 24/7 Consultant Access
  • No Hassle Money Back Guarantee

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*   Based on number of schools and the necessary planning work. Emergency response team workshops can be provided on-site or via live via video conference with a dedicated instructor allowing two-way interaction.  Workshops are priced based upon the number of sessions and geographic locations. Fee does not include actual travel expenses outside our geographical office area. We are happy to provide you a detailed quote.